Saturday, June 13, 2009

Miss You!!

This blog is for "The Girls," you will be missed and here are the reasons why:
  • Attempting to teach me to say my never ending vocabulary.
  • Giving me pony tails.
  • Letting me play with your cell phones.
  • Entertaining me on our long car rides to your house.
  • Giving me my bottle and sippy cup.............even when I threw them at you.
  • Teasing me with my toys.
  • Laughing with me and at me.
  • Putting up with my grumpyness.
  • Telling me I am cute.
Thanks for being "My Girls," I love you and it will be lonely in the car without you!!!

P.S. It's not for you unless it's a shade of pink pink you stink:o)


The Crazy Girls said...

We miss you too! So adorable! You are so sweet.Miss you all.

Amanda Chapman said...

Copy cat :P but i love it. Miss you guys so much.
I forgot to add i will miss giving you ur check on thursday and u saying well thats no fun. :P